General Information


Cash only at the event.  Pre-reservations will accept credit card or check.

All vehicle owners will be responsible for all vehicle damage or liability.

No refunds or rain checks.

ALL ANIMALS MUST be on a leash, have proof of Rabies shots and all owners are responsible for its actions.

Accidents, Damage, Loss by Fire, Theft or other cause

  1. Route 108 Swap Meet assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss by fire, theft or any other cause.
  2. Spectators and vendors use the facilities at their own risk and agree to indemnify and save harmless Route 108 Swap Meet, its agents or employees from any loss or liability including but not limited to cost of defense, arising from participation of events conducted by Route 108 Swap Meet at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds.
  3. Vendors will indemnify and save harmless to Route 108 Swap Meet for any loss or liability arising from conduct of any vendor or spectator towards another.